Sunday, 4 June 2017

Monthly musings: May

Before you start reading, grab a cuppa because it's going to be a l--o--n--g catch up.

Panorama of the main attractions by the quayside (millennium bridge, Baltic, Sage, River tyne and the River Tyne bridge)

However difficult like may seem, there is something you can do and succeed at. 

A month where I re-read books and one them just happened to be 'Theory of everything' and the quote I shared with you is from Stephen Hawking. That quote really spoke to me this month, when everything started crumbling down with my mental health things looked uncertain for my future. I year since my relative passed away. Missing my awesome friends who knows how to deal with me when upset.

I have had such a long reading slump it wasn't until recently where I can enjoy reading again maybe to much. I got on a bus to go home and read my book as I normally would do only finding myself back into town again and I'm sure I have left Newcastle, checked my phone to make sure I'm not going crazy. For once, I wasn't going crazy I have managed to read my book on a bus when it made the trip to Walbottle and back to town again.

Rodger (Teddy bear)  in different positions

At college, i'm doing my last project which is a project where I get to decide what to do and which bit of digital design I would like to do. No brainer, I chose to do photography and it really made me pick up my phone or my camera and start taking pictures. The panorama is one of the things we had to and so was multiplicity (picture above). My parents were out,( I thought) they came in the living room at the worst time possible. I was putting Rodger in a position, used the TV speaker as a tripod with all the props I would like to use dotted around the living room. In the kitchen I made cups of tea but forget about them. If I get myself in a rut, I put a the kettle on and make a cup of tea. Impatience, Rebecca doesn't stand still so I would do other things while the kettle boiling they were three cups of tea in the kitchen at different stages. One of them was a full cup of tea just a matter of drinking it hot. One of them had the tea bag in and just needs removing though has milk. Whereas the last cup only had the tea bag and milk. I thought, I could get away with that. Though nope. So I now have to stay in the kitchen and w-a-i-t and w-a-i-t. I am also very good at forgetting I have made a hot drink so I tend to drink my hot beverage cold. Though you can get ice coffee and tea which does taste good though having made a hot drink in order to drink it hot though only finding yourself to drink it cold. Does not taste good. Though I drink it anyhow!

I wonder if  Roger can continue knitting my cardigan for me!

Speaking about knitting. Time to show you how much progress I made with help from Roger!

Back of my cardigan

Either a left or a right sleeve

I knitted a side pair last month andI the other side this month
Some weeks I had the joy of going to two knitting clubs in one week. One on a Tuesday and one on a Saturday. You can tell, i'm into this knitting. Can't you?

This month, I had more time on my hands.  I unfortunately had no weeks of running. Don't look at me like that! I had two weeks of because of annoying dreaded shin splints. I now know why, because I have flat feet and most of my shoes got no arch support. Trying to find shoes that has arch support is proving to be difficult than it seems. I then had another week because of an ear infection. I just have a week to get to grips with running and at the end of the week I have Blaydon race. How bad can I be?

Finally my Dad a full weekend off! Which meant a family day out all three of us. Something that is unheard of as normally my Mum and Dad go out, I stay at home and read books do knitting. Maybe a bit of cleaning. I could have my cheesy chips but there weren't any cheesy chips they were chips that were loaded with your desired filling. I chose mexican chicken with a side of cheese! We would walk, five thousand more. We then decided to go for a long walk from Whitley bay to Tynemouth or that is what my folks said. I didn't it was long though it was raining so we did walk at a brisk pace to go Tynemouth. I had a very nice hot chocolate, I was cold. And i'm fussy with my tea and I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine intake.


May means two exams. One at the beginning which was English. I think that one went ok. The actual exam wasn't to bad there were things that could potentially trip me up and I just hope the examiner could read my writing it's so tiny but very intricate. I then had another exam at the end of the month which was Maths. Another exam to go and then that should mean no longer doing Maths and English.

It was my birthday this month, I even had a present from the exam board though only had it for 1hr and 45 minutes. Yep the Maths Exam. The next Maths exam is on the 8th June which is the election.

Birthday presents

Some of these are from my money last year, though most of you won't get to see what I got from the money you gave me. As I tend to get a bus if we are having a day out though the weather is to warm to wear a jacket but to cold just to get away from wearing a jumper. I decided to get a gilet (bodywarmer). As most of cardigans are worn out I decided to treat myself to FatFace cardigan it was in the sale. And I got some more money, I'm hoping to get a pair of shoes with some arch support or a Superdry hoodie!

When I was in Farnborough and was working I got so bad at buying books. My friends had to hold my hands when walking pass book shops therefore, I cannot get any books. Such bad friends. (Thanks Cherry and Crazy Rachel) I only went to Waterstones to ask about book clubs as no one reads books up here. I was at Waterstones I could have a look at the books, doesn't mean I have to buy it. Right? Though I stumbled over a book called 'Holding up the universe by Jennifer Niven' I couldn't resist it especially as one of the character as 'prosopagnosia' (face blind). I only bought one book and not a handful. So least I made progress!

I told my parents not to get me anything as they got me plenty. They pay for my running races, got my bike fixed and cleaning products. Even my Dad cleaned my bike for me. But nope they decided to get something little, I got some body shop things like showel gel and a book which I told my parents about!

A picture that I didn't take

Again it's been a month where I wasn't sure where i'm going. Am I going to the world of work? Or stay at college for another two years even three? Or listen to my folks and see where apprenticeship might lead? Decisions, decisions.

I was confused on all the different options and unsure if I could get funded for college. I decided to speak to a careers advisor. Though I decided to apply for an apprenticeship as I had a three years of college and think I should start earning some money and start on the career leader. I had an interview at the end of May and got accepted for childcare apprenticeship which starts on the 7th August.

When I was in Crawcrook, I explored the different cafes around my local area. I'm doing the same thing though in town. I met up with my friend for a cup of tea at the Qulliams Brothers it has over 60 choice of tea. It is like you are entering a living room-some areas in the cafe you sit on the cushions it's so comfy and it the cafe even serves carrot cake. It was a difficult choice to decide on a pot of tea to have and what cake to have. It has loads of flapjack. I am eager to go again.

There was an open day event at my college for childcare. I had about an hour to get something to eat for dinner as I had knitting club. So that meant one and only place. Mcdonald's. I'm in no rush to go again, next time I will go to Five guys. See i'm not all that posh!!!!!!!!

That's my tea and cake sorted out!

Oh and no! I didn't ate the whole lot!! I had a holiday and was bored on one day so I decided to bake a cake.  It was so sweet and so glad I got some clotted cream. Though I had a problem Mum and Dad aren't big cakes eaters. Not like me! I had no friends where I normally give them cake if I have too much. I decided to give 3/4 of it to my church,  that way it cannot get to waste and other people might enjoy it better. I found it nice but I could only have a slither as it was far to sweet. I will stick to cake with fruit or vegetable as it takes away the sweetness away plus it counts towards one of your 1 of you five a day. Or is seven now?

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Mindful walk

Yep, I have definitely gone mad. Running has come to a standstill as I got shin splints and doing nothing isn't in my dictionary. My mind is playing tricks on me, cannot run otherwise I would risk of getting a bone fracture. So I had no choice either to let my mind control me or I control my mind.

See it makes perfect sense, really? Walking in a purpose of being mindful doesn't come very easily. I'm used to getting A to B very quickly. Sort of auto robert, getting to a place to buy things and back home. Or walking to my college at a brisk pace because I have a lesson. I never have time where I really walk just because it's a fun thing to do. Look over there, is a lovely flower. Or look over there, what a gorgeous bird is flying in the sky?

I like doing mindfulness as it brings you back to reality. Your mind cannot control you. You are only in control! I find it really helpful when I leave my phone at home and just bring myself and a camera. When my mind is taking over taking a photo brings me back to reality.

I might else well show you what I captured with my digital camera!

You also tell, I very much like flowers! Can't you?

Please excuse me while I do knitting for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Monthly musings: April

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” - Charles M. Schulz

I'm writing this by being blinded by the sun, window open. I think the summer is here. I don't want to rejoice that much in case the sun goes away. 

My Mum did some calculations at the beginning of the Month, it been a year since we knew about Dad redundancy and a whole six months of living in Westerhope. (And still no house tour.) Where has that time gone? 

April has been weird month for me with my well being. I have been so overwhelmed thank goodness I had the Easter holidays when I did. To recover, by going off the grid. Though I did respond to messages that were deemed to be important. You know where everything gets to you and you cannot seem to run away and hide. Then sort things out.

Running progress

I can now run 8K, with a bit of walking-only because I have to the cross over the road. One day I even managed to run 14K. I ran 6K in the morning that I was intending to do before college just for my sanity. I then had a such a bad day at college, I ran another 8K in the evening  Even got a runner high as they call it. You can see i'm into this runner business, can't you? I had to run though one major problem 'hitting the wall.' I'm sure hitting an actual wall is less painful than hitting the wall while exercising. I only managed 5.5K in an hour run, where I could normal run 8K in an hour with a face pace but a 6k where I am comfortable.

April meant one thing for my running. I got PB (personal best) for the parkrun where you run 5km for run on Saturday morning. Just you and the stopwatch.  Not just once but twice in one month. That meant I could eat twice in 'Creames'. Believe it or not, I haven't. My first time I got a PB my Mum got me some yarn and I'm knitting myself a cardigan. The second time I got a PB, is a token to go to 'Creames' as my Dad wants to go. I will have to wait much longer.

I also got my Blaydon race number through the post. About a month to go and still have no idea about the song. It's all on in Geordie even the information booklet is. My Mum had to translate it for me!


I am now getting there with my work load. My well being plummet right down and college work left to the backseat where my emotions were everywhere it was even driving the vehicle. Though now my mind is and things are getting done, slowly but surely. That's for certain. I now have two projects on the go though they link to each other very well. So hopefully I can get them done before the marking is over. 

I have made a firm decision where my career is going. It's not photography. Computers and I don't get along and I much prefer working with young children and I think I am more academic than generating ideas. Especially creative ones. I'm not good at coming up with idea on my feet, I much prefer solitude time to myself analyze the idea. Maybe I over analyze things. Is that even a thing?

Personal life

The weather even allows me to put the washing outside to dry!
I didn't do things out of the ordinary, this Month. It could be summarized as knitting and running. Though my lovely calendar said, that I met up with two of my friends One on a bank holiday Monday where I met Clementine in Durham for a quick coffee and went for a short walk in the city. I didn't want to spend a lot of  time with my friend because she was visiting her relatives. I met another friend in  Newcastle town for a cup of a tea. Thanks for a lovey afternoons, Clementine and Alice! 

Mum and I had some 'Mum and Daughter time' One of them was to see 'beauty and the beast' which was so lovely. I just had 'be our guest' song in my head for the entire month. The other time was having a walk in town seeing all the historic buildings.Which meant one thing, after the walk we could get a well earned drink. Though my Mum don't ask me which pub to go to as I just go to the expensive ones. I don't mean to.

Speaking about drinks, I had my first alcoholic drink that I enjoyed though took me three hours to drink 'Kopparberg' even then it was half the bottle. I will just stick to appletiser!

Knitting progress with pictures

My left knitted sipper. Can you tell I like purple! There should be button where my finger is.

A bit of my knitted cardigan!

Friday, 5 May 2017

The Shack

My church that I attend has their own library so after having a cup of coffee, I was admiring the lovely books that was out. A lot of people told me that the shack was a good read. So I took that book out. I have just finished it this morning, I started it on the bank holiday Monday. As I got an exam today I had to leave my book downstairs otherwise I would not get my nine hours sleep otherwise I would finished it yesterday evening!

I enjoyed reading it, that's for sure. It brought me to tears. Though reading the shack for theology point of perspective I don't like it. It's very poor. From what I understand from the book, that bad things happens because God created a freewill. So it is our own fault things happen? Or is just life being chaotic and random? I notice in my life when bad things happen, I get closer to God than ever not by praying and resent it to God. having bad things happen in life make you stronger. Cliched as it sounds, I believe that.

If this book wasn't recommended by my church congregation, the chances are I would give up reading. The entire beginning of the book bored me. I had to make endless cups of tea just so I could read it. Though after I got through the beginning it changing from being boring very thrilling because there were interesting things going on, When it came together at the end, I did have a greater appreciation of the way plot elements came together, but most of the time thought certain components of the story weren't very well done.

I re-read one paragraph where the author uses nine similes! Two of them concern tears and are in the same sentence. Someone please sit this author down and explain that similes and metaphors are to open windows. We don't need an entire glass factory delivered to us every page. (You can tell I have an English exam, can't you?

Please hear me out with these three paragraphs.

Aside from the cursing, I couldn’t believe it when members of the Trinity began to appear to the main character as black women.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about race, it is about gender and the representation of God.

Representing God the Father as any image or human is a serious error even in fiction. We are not to build an image in our minds of God--we cannot "reduce" Him to our level of comprehension as He is so far above us in all things. Jesus had to die a painful death to reconcile us as sinful humans to God the Father due to His holiness. Jesus is the bridge and mediator, we cannot approach God apart from Him, let alone misrepresent Him in this careless way.

Why represent God as a woman? The Bible makes it clear that the authority structure is for a man to be at the head. The Shack is more dangerous because it feeds society's attempts to undermine the biblical gender roles and provides direct support for the feminist agenda. Christians should be standing against cultural trends where they conflict with the Bible, not promoting and supporting them.

I was very annoyed and frustrated by the profanity and don’t think it's ever okay for a Christian to swear or use blasphemy in their books whether fiction or non-fiction

We need to remember that it is the broad way that leads to destruction and the narrow way to life. In the latter times, people will gather teachers that say what their itching ears want to hear and we are warned that many will be deceived. The popular way is not God's way. Simply put in this modification of a quotation from G. K. Chesterton,

Wrong is wrong even if everyone else is doing it. Right is right even if no one else is doing it

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Reflection on Easter Sunday

Sometimes it doesn’t work out as you expect.
Sometimes even though you know
the game is up,
even though you know
the inevitable outcome,
even sometimes when you have given up yourself…
…it doesn’t work out as you expect.

There are those days when the child,
who has been running away for years,
every week, without fail,

The day when the disabled child,
is finally accepted for who they are.
When the traveller,
for so long the outsider,
suddenly becomes a friend.

There are those days when,
in the face of despair,
for some unexpected and
incomprehensible reason,
our long dead hopes
are brought back to life.

There are those days
we suddenly realise
the stone has been moved…
… and the tomb is empty.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Reflection on Holy Saturday

What was it like for the first disciples?
What was it like to live on that first Holy Saturday
when all hope is gone,
when all that we love is lost,
when God is dead?

We know the end of the story.
We know of resurrection,
so we do not wish to dwell in this dark place,
we want to rush on to Easter Sunday,
when life returns.

It is too hard to live on Holy Saturday,
to spend our time in the dark and conflicted places
of Golgotha and Gethsemane,
the place where despair has all the best answers
to our questions.

But what of the people who have no choice?
What of the people who always live on Holy Saturday.
The child beaten and abused at home
whose only hope is to run away?
The child living with alcohol misusing parents,
Trapped, too young, into adult responsibilities.
The disabled child,
never given the chance to join in.
The refugee child,
always a problem,
never simply a person.

What must it be like to live on Holy Saturday,
when we do not know how the story ends?

When hope is absent
who will be there to look after them?
Who will be there for the children
on their Holy Saturday?

Friday, 14 April 2017

Reflection on good friday

It was the Romans who killed you,
who nailed you to a cross
to punish you for thinking differently.
Murdered for daring to challenge the might of Imperial Rome.
Murdered for daring to suggest that the world should be different, 
that it could be rearranged for once,
not to make the powerful comfortable,
but deeply uncomfortable.


maybe it was the religious leaders who wanted you dead?
For challenging their deeply and sincerely held religious truths, 
for shaking things up and rocking the boat,
for daring to suggest that just because 
we have always done it like this,
we always must?
We cannot challenge the guardians of tradition,
where would we be without it?
Better surely to let one man die….

It was the crowd!
It was their fault
It must have the been the crowd who gathered and cried “Crucify!”
who are the ones who killed you.
What they need, you see, is a scapegoat, 
someone for the Romans to blame,
so that they won’t come looking for anyone else. 

maybe it was me?

Maybe you should pity me, 
for on this Good Friday,
I will stand with the Romans,
because I, who have everything,
don’t really want anything to change.
I will stand with the religious leaders,
and make sure that my traditions are honoured,
no matter who they exclude.
I will stand with the crowd,
who already know who is to blame 
for all that goes wrong.

And I will cry “Crucify”

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Monthly musings: March

Like is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep moving.

This photo was on my phone and thought it should be uploaded.
Hooray spring is here. The thing in the yellow sky is going to come out and say 'hello.' Instead of doing his disappearing act and playing tick a boo and hide behind sky.

This month could be summarised as eating cake and knitting. Oh and a bit of running. As my phone decides to play up, well it was broken and doing a parkrun made my phone compute. So I no longer have access to the bottom buttons. So I cannot see what photos I took. Which is why this blog post is going to be rather short. As I take photos to document my life and it helps to remember what I been up to! I have uploaded two blog post which could be included in my monthly wrap up though I think they need there own post.

Google the search engine is so useful because it tells you when certain days has a significance such as the 17th March is International happiness day. Im sure there is a day or even a week of something such as the hug day. I'm sure one of my friends only made that up to make me more affectionate. Who knows!? I thought, I might try 'mindfulness' something that has been so raved on the internet all the psychology students are talking about it. I might give it a try AGAIN.  I have meditated before, it went something like, constant thoughts about things I need to do, things that have just happened, people who have annoyed me, people i'm worried about or people annoyed me or people who I get on their nerves (who me, I know hard to believe)… See it can be hard to even experience a few moments of quiet in your mind. Though I tried it and it surprisingly good fun. It's very difficult something that doesn't come easy, sitting still and think about nothing. Something that is unheard off! I'm constantly doing something!  I tend to mindfulness while walking, just being aware in the present what does it feel when my foot lands on the floor? What is the rhythm of my walking.

This month has been full of art and crafts. The bookmark I tried to do in Christmas holidays was completed in March. I didn't know how to do the backing and was really anxious to get it wrong as it was supposed to be a gift for someone. If you could just allow me to show you my awesome creations that has been made in March.
Just started my first knitting project! What is it going to be?

The finished result of a key ring! Only if someone gets some felt!

My first two cross stitch projects.

It been a month where I went to the hospital twice! Not a thing that wants to be repeated! I went to the doctors for an Asthma review, yet got told I have an eating disorder. I eat everything in sight especially cake. If there is no cake in the house, I magical make one appear. It might be a long time till I go back the doctors.

I had a week of commuting to college by bike, without getting chased by animals. Honestly, I do nothing to be harmful one minute they are just grazing next moment they are running towards me then start chasing me. I didn't get lost either. The only thing that could be better, is if I checked when Newcastle football is playing as I locked up by my bike opposite the stadium. A very bad move and something that shouldn't get repeated. You learn from your mistakes! Do I? Maybe I shouldn't answer that question and leave it as a rhetorical question!

Maybe April would have lots more photos, as the weather is warming up which means walking and that means one thing. Photo walk!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Just me again!

This blogging it getting hard work, Nearly every week I'm blogging. Though make the most of it. I thought I could add this to the Monthly musings, though I think it deserves a blog post on it's own.

And before you ask, no I didn't get a PB on my parkrun. In-fact this post isn't about running. I know, hard to believe. I normally to a parkrun on Saturday morning. But this Saturday was different. Today, my church had a church away day. Oh and no it wasn't a day where we had jolly we had to use that thing that in our skull. Remind me, what is it called. Oh yes, the brain!

This is the song, I learned at the youth group I used to lead. It fits in appropriate to the theme of my church away day, we were learning about the fruit of the spirit.

The whole day was about fellowships and learning about the fruit of the spirit.
In the afternoon there was different workshops to do. I chose to do walking but I was reflecting. I couldn't decide either to do a creative writing or walking. Though walking meant that I could talk, get my steps in and explore Wylam better.  It wasn't till the evening when I really gathered my thoughts together. That I created a poem.

Oh and took photo's

These photos was taken by the river tyne in Wylam. Some  of them could be a lot better but the lighting wasn't right because Mr Sunshine, didn't want to appear it was doing his disappearing act again. It just rained and then we stepped outside it sometime it stopped raining.

Oh yes, here the poem.

Fruit of the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit means living every day
Looking up to Jesus and following His way.
And when I give Him all of me
Just like a mighty tree–
My actions will become sweet fruit
For all the world to see.

Galatians 5 lists all nine fruits
The Spirit wants to grow
And if you read them for yourself
You will be sure to know:

That LOVE comes first–the kind you choose,
Not feelings you may lose,
But actions that show sacrifice,
And branch out the Good News.

And then comes JOY, that you can hold
No matter what life brings
It’s the Song of all God’s promises
The glad heart daily sings.

Sweet PEACE comes next, a quiet heart
Though life may twist and turn,
Then PATIENCE shows it wants no part
Of sparks that quickly burn.

KINDNESS is an active fruit
It treats others with care
The love of Jesus is the root
That spreads it everywhere.

GOODNESS knows and does what’s right–
Its actions match God’s teaching
It spreads His shining, perfect light
Into a dark world reaching.

FAITHFULNESS is like a rock,
A firm and steady friend
Who never leaves you hanging–
But is loyal to the end.

GENTLENESS is tender strong.
It turns the other cheek.
It rarely ruffles when it’s wronged.
(It’s a synonym for “meek.”)

And then at last, fruit number nine,
(Its growth requires practice).
It doesn’t lash out, pout, or whine,
Or prickle like a cactus.
It doesn’t need to over-dine
Or lick clean the ice cream bowl;
For with the Spirit/Helper, you can have fruit SELF CONTROL.

When you put the nine together,
A fruit salad you will make
That proves to all the world your life
Is lived for Jesus’ sake!

Now if you don't mind, all this walking is making me very tired, So I'm going to have a chocolate brownie, maybe even some cream oh and not forget about hot choco.  

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Running is my rescue

Running is a simple! All you need is running shoes and you are off to go, not only that you can do it anywhere. You don't need good countryside to run in and admire the landscape. Nope you can just admire the sound off you footsteps. Or even seeing traffic and you are passing each car by your own footsteps. (Something that doesn't happen up here a lot)

In fact, most of my creative ideas and random thoughts (including this blog post) have come to be while on a run. I like to give my mind the freedom to wander. Thoughts come and go, and for whatever reason, my mind seems to be able to reach and explore areas that i'm not capable of finding when not running.

Though not all runs turn out great, some of them I am mainly walking. But today, I was running and really full of energy even took pictures. As I just got back from running, this is going to be a quick post, as I'm going to have a bath and read my book maybe even use candles.

My feet stick the black rubber
Its like some kind of magnetic tape
Day after day, it pulls me back
For not only does my body demand it,
but my heart yearns for it
Its the cure to all pain and the rescue from all fear
It there when I need it, even if I choose not to feed it
When I want it, I get it, but never abuse it
It never talks back nor says I'm stupid 
Its always there for every stride and every cry
Its my track and I know I'll never lose it

Just a short  poem about my love for running. How it's the most dependable thing I've got. Friends may come and go, but running will always be a part of me.

Photos time, (not all of these photos was taken this evening, but they have been taken while running)

Oh pretty sky, 


Not to sure, what these flowers are, though they look lovely

I just missed the sunset, but a lovely MR sunshine just about to do his disappearing act

This sort of represents the running wall, oh and the shadow is me

my delicious snack, cup of coffee and peanut crackers and chocolate spread. 

By eating those tasty crackers, got me to do to this!!!!!!!!!!

Now i'm off in my lovely bath, reading "Reading in bed" Yes that is the title so don't worry you haven't read wrong. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Being very creative in the kichen

What to you think of when teenagers have the house to themselves for more than one night? Maybe you think of them being outrages and inviting their friends over to drink and maybe trash the house down. For me, nope. My parents went away and they trusted me to keep the house intact. Really?

Plus it means, I can have carrots and pineapple for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I thought you might want to admire some food photos. Which you haven't seen for such a long time. Sorry in advance if it making your tummy rumble. I have warned you. You might even receive a recipe at the end, just in case your tummy is saying feed me, feed me.

I can also make a mess!

Though I can also clear up the mess!!

Most of the time my parents were away, I washed up by hand, I didn't see the point of putting things in the dishwasher. Especially when I use certain things daily! Plus it meant that I was rewarded by hot choco or hot chocolate!! Plus cake. Sorry parents there is none left for you.

I thought my parents gave me £20 pound for food shopping, so I tried to see what's in the cupboard and what's in the freezer. Though some days i fancied cooking whereas not so much. And here is what I created.

It's a bit oragany as someone forgot to change the settings! Though this dish is a tuna hash

I noticed there was some tuna in the cupboard so looked in my student cookbook, and found a dish that doesn't take such a long time to make and was also cheap to make, win-win. Plus it's a good way to make tuna go a long way, It was very yummy! The best thing is that I didn't had to share. I did also had a dollop of HP sauce. I'm not keen on tomato sauce everything that can get dipped is mostly to be HP sauce. Unless chips then it's mayo.

Vegetarian spaghetti bolognese 
I don't like eating a lot of meat, so I tend to eat quite lot of vegetarian food, plus I was doing the parkrun the day after eating this. So I decided to have some pasta. I must say this is the best bolognese I made it was so tasty and juicy and had a different flavour to the normal bolognese. I wonder if my Dad would be able to taste the difference. I better to a taste test to see!

Using the left bolognese sauce to make lasagna!
As the bolognese can be made into other dishes to, I made some extra not for just one person. I could either add curry paste or chilli and eat with rice or baked potatoes. Though I fancied pasta the next day so I made myself some lasagna. Leftovers, are great! Aren't there? Also the lasagna that I made was so tasty as I used whole milk and the proper cheese sauce or the roux sauce as the professionals call it. See my Catering GCSE still comes to play.

The cake is honey cornbread cupcake with cheese frosting. Perfect piping!
I am starting to knit again. I making lots of progress honestly! And it's all my work now! I have made a wonderful friend at my church, who does lots of knitting and makes lovely cakes. So every month we go to each other houses to do some knitting and make cakes. So I thought I could show off to you, with my new knitting skill and my piping cakes skill. Unfortunately not all cakes looked like that. So I shall be doing more cakes baking and getting my piping in tip top.

As I didn't wake up till 12 in the afternoon, of the day I was doing knitting with my friend, I didn't to any food shopping for later that evening. I had about two hours to vacuum the house, oh the hob is dirty I will just clean that up. Oh look the laundry is spilling everywhere, I will just put that in the washing machine and hang it up. Ohmygoodness, the washing up is spilling over the worktop surface. I will quickly to that and put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea. Oh heck, my cup of tea, is cold, I will just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Look the table is a mess, I quickly tidy that up. Drink Rebecca! My cup of tea is now perfect temperature to drink. Hang on, what is that in my mouth, it a tea bag that someone forgot to take out.  Now, i'm so sweaty, I just have enough time too jump in the shower, enough time to make myself a cup of coffee and read my book! What it's that time already! Then my Dad saved the day and week, he put my normal money that I get every week separate to the food shopping money. I looked online, to see when the shops close an hour before I looked online. Never mind, it means I can enjoy my evening by going out for dinner. Thanks Dad! I again had pasta, my favorite type, macaroni cheese.

As anyone told, you that I like pasta? In fact every time my Mum asks me 'What would you like for dinner? My reply, 'pasta please' even though we had pasta a few days ago!!!!

Monday pie

I think, before I turn into pasta and get eaten. I should have something else rather than pasta. As I do my running on Monday evening! Yep, you did read that right. And I decided to go in the freezer (not literally), Oh there is mince! Defrost it the microwave. Cook the mince with the onions add some baked beans a dash of worchester sauce put it in the oven for 50 minutes. Bob's you uncle and Nellie's your aunt , you have a meal. Which meant that I could have a shower, a quick shower! And don't forget about the HP sauce!!!!!!

Peanut butter and jam American pancake with a cup of coffee!!!!
I had  a parkrun, didn't want to go. So I had to bribe myself, get up, get ready for running and you can have pancakes. I am trying to get a PB (personal best) with my parkrun, no hope yet. When I do I get a PB  to go to Creams  (Ice cream place)! The next time I pass it when I'm in town. I'm improving but not enough to get a PB. I will keep trying. And another blog post sometime soon about running.

Cup of tea, with a nutella and peanut cake in the mug
It was about 10:05 in the evening, I was reading my book and really fancied peanut butter and a cake. So I decided to put the oven on and get baking. Then my good mind told me not to because I had to wake up early the next day. So I decided to look online how to make microwave cup cake. I found something but the reviews weren't good. So I did what I normally do, bit of bit of this and a bit of that. It turned out really tasty and gooey just like the ones you get in the restaurants. Plus it meant I could get my craving of peanut butter and cake all at once.

Recipe time

 1 egg
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoon peanut butter
2 tablespoon of nutella
1 tablespoon flour
1 tablespoon of coco
1/4 teaspoon baking powder

In a jug or a small bowl, stir the egg, brown sugar, peanut butter, flour, choco, nutella, and baking powder with a fork. Put the mixture in a mug. Microwave for 1 minute. Eat straight away from the mug.

Now if you don't mind, my tummy is saying feed me, feed me. I'm going to make that cake in the mug.